Our facility is a full-service therapeutic center serving the Wabash Valley and Vanderburgh County for individuals with neurobehavioral issues that features a state-of-the-art flexible design that enables us to structure the facility to meet the needs of each child, rather than expecting the child to conform our structure.

The facility was designed with an open modular concept that recognizes that the needs of one child don’t always reflect the needs of another, so we’ve planned so we can respond to the unexpected. In addition, unlike many centers serving this population, we don’t automatically modify the environment to make it dramatically different from neurotypical environment until we have proof an individual benefits from such Modifications.  


HAC is excited to announce our expansion into the Evansville, IN area. We recently acquired Life Song Academy, a full service center that like HAC is committed to providing the highest quality of care. We are accepting new clients and diagnostic assessments are available.

This approach reduces the barriers our clients must overcome to become comfortable in more traditional surroundings.

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1050 W Johnson Dr
Terre Haute, Indiana 47802

Phone 812 233 8833
Facsimile 812 234 8834

Our Evansville Location:

1900 Stringtown Road

Evansville, IN 47711

Phone 812 490 2826

For more information please email us at info@harshacognitive.com

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Our Story

doctorpicsParas Harshawat, M.D and his wife Roopam have lived in Terre Haute since 1990. Dr. Harshawat was the Medical Director of Charter Hospital in Terre Haute from 1990 to 1999 during that period Dr. Harshawat started his private practice and his wife Roopam managed the practice.

Dr. Harshawat has always had great compassion for individuals with developmental disabilities, MRDD, ADD, autism etc. due to which in his practice he has treated a large number of patients with this diagnosis. He has also been the medical director of several facilities that house these individuals and travels long distances to take care of them.

Recognizing the need for inpatient psychiatric services in the Terre Haute area Harsha Behavioral Center was formed and it opened its doors on August 18, 2008.

Due to Dr. Harshawat’s expertise in treating children and adolescents with autism the hospital started seeing a significant number of patients being admitted with autism. These patients were coming to the hospital from all over the Midwest.

The Harshawats realized that these children and adolescents needed ongoing care to improve the quality of their lives and Harsha Autism Center was started.